Pellet therapy and the traditional method of pellet placement has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1939. Ten years ago, our dual Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Charles P. Virden, began his own journey in hormone optimization after personally observing his own declining hormone levels. After traditional treatments (creams, injections, and oral tabs) had failed, he discovered hormone replacement therapy in the form of bio-identical testosterone pellets. Although his symptoms improved, results were not maximized and he experienced complications with pellet placement. Common side effects of traditional pellet placement includes pain, bruising, swelling, extrusion of pellets, and infection of the injection site.

This personal experience, combined with his extensive background as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Anti-Aging Physician, led him on the path to create a better method in the treatment of hormone disorders. Thus, the Virden Methodâ„¢ was born. This innovative technique is a wonderful alternative to the sharp trocar methods other practices still use. Our patented method uses a specialized tool and technique to place the pellets sub-dermal, in a minimally traumatic fashion, ensuring the rapid and reliable release of hormones.

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