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Experience the Atraumatic Trocar Difference

Does your practice currently provide bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Would you like to increase your patient outcomes and overall satisfaction?

Are you looking to add a cash based comprehensive health & wellness treatment to your growing practice?

With the Virden Method™ your patients will have better delivery and absorption of bio-identical hormones resulting in 3-4 insertions for female patients annually and 2-3 insertions for male patients annually. Patient overall satisfaction will increase and there will be less post-treatment complaints.

Traditional Sharp-Tip Trocar

  • Sharp edge creates hematoma
  • Absorption takes 3-5 weeks
  • Patient down time varies greatly
  • High rate of pellet extrusion +/- 10%
  • Poor patient experience < 50% patient return
  • 2-3 insertions—complicated technique

Atraumatic Trocar with the Virden Method™

  • Blunt edge leaves clean track, no hematoma
  • Immediate absorption
  • Patient return to activity next day
  • Decreased rate of extrusions < 05%
  • Positive patient experience >85% return
  • 1 insertion—simplified technique

Offer your patients the new gold standard in pellet therapy with the Virden Method utilizing the patented atraumatic trocar. To become a partner, fill out the form below. Our Business Development Director will contact you to discuss your practice needs. Have additional questions? Contact Us!